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African American Couple

Counseling Services

Couples Empowerment is proud to offer a wide array of therapy and counseling services to the vibrant and diverse communities of Los Angeles. Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling as well as help with depression, anxiety, trauma and other challenges are available both in our clinic, as well as online. The online therapy sessions are encrypted and secure, allowing you the full scope of confidentiality similar to in-person counseling. For more information regarding the online therapy please visit the “Online Therapy” tab. 

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Every significant relationship comes with both, joys and challenges. Couples frequently encounter the difficulties of establishing relationship boundaries, navigating the power struggles in the relationship, negotiating the roles within their marriage, dealing with issues of trust, communication, intimacy, and sex. 


Premarital Counseling

Asking or being asked by your beloved to marry is an exhilarating moment colored by dreamy sunny pastels of pink and gold. The future looks bright, and we tend to ignore the potential challenges our relationship may face down the road. 


Relationship Help

Despite our shared desire for a relationship and companionship, many of us struggle to find “the one.” It often seems like we are stuck in the same pattern, meeting the same kind of people and setting ourselves up for the same kind of disappointment. All of this can be radically changed. 


Depression Therapy

Low mood, lack of motivation to get out of bed, feeling like things that used to be fun are no longer appealing, having anxiety around people or life in general, experiencing episodes of panic attacks, difficulty sleeping etc. are very common symptoms of depressive and anxiety disorders. 


Anxiety Therapy

Therapy is an excellent remedy for anxiety. Psychotherapy approaches that address the deeper layers of our psyche – the Unconscious Mind, such as hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistics (NLP), have proven to be effective in releasing the unresolved negative emotions, including fear, that underlie the experience of anxiety and restoring our sense of inner peace, balance and wellbeing.


Trauma Therapy

Difficult events in our lives, such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse, assault, war, accident etc. can leave invisible scars that zap our vitality and joy. If you suffer from nightmares, intrusive memories, flashbacks and other symptoms of trauma, we are here to help.