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African American Couple

Online Therapy

At times geography, tight time schedule or physical disability prevent us from being able to access the services we need. To address these concerns Couples Empowerment offers online therapy video-sessions that are structured in the same way as in-person therapy work. You can enjoy our services from the comfort of your home. The Online Counseling sessions are conducted through FaceTime and are encrypted and secure. Scheduling of these appointments as well as the cancellation policy are the same as for the in-person sessions. When we set a specific time, this is the time we will contact your vie Face-Time to start our appointment. We ask for the minimum of 24 hours advance notice in case of cancelation.

For free consultation or to schedule an on-line appointment please call Couples Empowerment at (310) 713-6093 or submit an appointment request under the "Appointment Request" tab.