Client Experiences


"Holy cow, I have to say I was extremely impressed with Dr. Harel. He really got straight to the heart of things and was incredibly knowledgeable about what was happening and what to do. He was also able to explain things in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. If you're looking for a couples therapist, then you'll be happy you came here. I'd suggest doing the 15-minute free consultation and you can get an idea for yourself."

"Dr. Harel is amazing. He is kind, flexible, understanding, and professional. It can be difficult to make the decision to get help from a therapist, but from our very first call, Harel made it easy. He is very sensible, soothing, and willing to work with your schedule. During the sessions, he won't sit there and say "uh-huh, yes, sure" -- he actually gives you concrete feedback and helps you understand what you need to do and fast. I saw Dr. Harel during a particularly stressful time in my life, and in just 5 sessions, he gave me the tools I needed to get from where I was to a healthier, happier point. I've seen a number of therapists in the past who haven't worked out or where it felt like you are talking forever with no results, but Dr. Harel is very good at what he does, not intimidating at all, and truly a rare find. Highly recommended!"

"Dr. Papikian is highly recommended. His empathic nature, professional training, and intuitive approach make for an insightful therapist. He is a valued colleague who demonstrates genuine interest in the growth of both clients and professional peers."

"Dr. Harel is naturally intuitive using a multitude of psychological approaches to help one find resolution from relationship trauma and reach personal improvement goals. Very lucky to have found and benefited from his therapy! Can’t recommend enough!"

"I have worked closely with Dr Papikian for over a year and he's an extremely capable clinician, and is deeply involved in the well-being of his patients. Highly recommended"

"Dr. Papikian's helped me in more ways than I could have ever expected.. I thought it would have taken years of work to try to get to where we've arrived but after only about three months, I feel a world of a difference has been made already and the course of my life has been solidified to unfold the way it's supposed to. I'd recommend him to anyone who's in need of a therapist in LA or anywhere for that matter."




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