Relationship Help

Relationship Help

How can Relationship Help support you in shaping the relationship you desire?

To delve into this, let's explore some fundamental yet often overlooked principles concerning the dynamics of intimate relationships. Life unfolds in cycles and patterns, a notion that extends to our choices of intimate partners and the evolution of our relationships. These patterns are essentially dictated by our personal history. The relationships we shared with our caregivers during our formative years significantly shape the bonds we form with our intimate partners in adulthood. The core themes of these early relationships resurface in our adult intimate relationships.

Ironically, in order for us to replay the core themes of our early years, we require a willing participant in our game – a partner who aligns with our internal relationship script. For instance, if we harbor feelings of abandonment, we subconsciously seek out a partner who can recreate a scenario of abandonment, allowing us to reenact our childhood experiences. During our search for a partner, we gravitate toward individuals whose emotional baggage resonates with our own to recreate the unresolved drama of our lives and, hopefully, rewrite the ending

Our significant relationships inherently involve partners who can awaken our unresolved emotional baggage, thereby affording us an opportunity to address and resolve these wounds. The less emotional baggage we carry, the easier, less conflictual, and more fulfilling our relationships will be. Relationship Help is designed to assist you in liberating yourself from your past wounds, unresolved negative emotions, trauma, and limiting beliefs, to prepare you for the relationship of your dreams. Text or call today to discuss how you can create the love that you want.




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