Understanding Therapy

How Does Therapy Work

At Couples Empowerment, we have crafted an innovative therapeutic approach comprising 3 dynamic Power-Steps (ARC), designed to create rapid and profound transformation in the lives of our clients:

Awareness: This first Power-Step is dedicated to an evaluative process tailored to foster insight into the specific circumstances that have brought you to us. Our objective is to identify past and present life-patterns as well as the causes of current challenges. It is within this phase that we delineate therapy goals. The Awareness Power-Step is here to identify both the problem and the best solution.

Release: The second Power-Step in couples therapy and marriage counseling utilizes the potency of NLP to facilitate the release of emotional and mental baggage through guided imagery and elements of hypnotherapy.

Co-Creating: As the third and concluding Power-Step, the Co-Creating phase is structured to equip clients with new relational tools and skills. Here, we craft a clear and vivid vision of your desired future and set the trajectory of continued growth and success following the completion of therapy. 

These three Power-Steps are our unique therapeutic approach, facilitating a journey of empowerment and transformation. We are here to empower you to create the life and love you desire.




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